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Conversations on Economic Inclusion

Conversations on Economic Inclusion are discussions where we seek to better understand how to foster economic inclusion, and where researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and community members can learn from one another. These events are recorded and no registration is required.

Closing the racial wealth gap—through verse
We’re taking a lyrical approach to educating the community about our efforts to address economic inequality. Through spoken-word poetry, we’re speaking out about the persistence of the racial wealth gap and highlighting the work of our Program on Economic Inclusion on this issue. With the help of local slam poets, we aim to change the conversation around economic inequality in our region—and demonstrate our commitment to mitigating it.
Listening Sessions

We are dedicated to expanding economic opportunities for all people in the region we serve. But various conditions and challenges prevent specific communities—especially minority communities—from fully participating in the economy. Overcoming these barriers begins with a clearer understanding of what they are. That’s why our Program on Economic Inclusion team regularly invites community stakeholders from across the Fourth District to speak on the issues they are facing and to engage in dialogue with us about potential solutions. Through our Listening Sessions series, we aim to elevate the experiences of those in our district, so that they may guide our work going forward. We publish recaps of each listening session and spotlight conversation for policymakers and other organizations to apply in their own economic inclusion efforts.