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Corporate Governance and Transparency

The Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland’s sound corporate governance framework, policies, and practices are essential to maintaining the trust and respect of our stakeholders.

Code of Conduct

The Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland expects its employees to perform their duties with honesty, integrity, and impartiality and without improper preferential treatment of any person.

Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland Code of Conduct


Presidents and first vice presidents of Federal Reserve Banks are to adhere to the rules of ethical conduct for senior officials.

Ethics- Guide to Conduct for Senior Officials


Transparency is essential to maintaining public trust and promoting a better understanding of the Federal Reserve System, and the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland’s mission and actions.

In alignment with the other Federal Reserve Banks, the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland (Bank) adheres to a Transparency and Accountability Policy (TAP) that standardizes the public information request process.

The full policy can be found here: Transparency and Accountability Policy. Requestors should review the full policy prior to submitting a request for information.

How to submit a request:

Requests must be submitted in writing to the Bank’s TAP Office, either by email or by postal mail. Each request must contain the following:

  • The name and address of the person filing the request, and a telephone number at which the requestor can be reached during business hours;
  • A sufficient description of the records requested so that Bank staff can identify and locate the records without undue difficulty;
  • The name of any pending litigation to which the request relates, and the court and its location; and
  • The agreement of the requestor to pay the Bank for any fees owed in accordance with the Fee Schedule contained in Appendix A of the Transparency and Accountability Policy, or a request for waiver of such fees (see Sections 3.7, 3.8 and 3.9 of the Transparency and Accountability Policy).

By Email (Preferred):

By Mail:
TAP Office
Re: Transparency and Accountability Policy Request
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
1455 East 6th Street
Cleveland, OH 44114

Financial Disclosure

In order to promote transparency, the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland makes available financial disclosure forms and related documents filed by its president with the Bank’s ethics officer. The President’s Financial Disclosure is made available to the public annually.

Board of Directors

The duties and responsibilities of the directors are set forth in the Federal Reserve Act, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland bylaws, Board of Governors’ policies, and charters for the directors’ committees.


The bylaws guide the board of directors in their work to oversee the Bank’s organization, operations, and activities.

Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland Bylaws


Directors follow a strict code of conduct, as set by the Board of Governors. The full guide to conduct, as well as additional policies to which directors must adhere, can be found on the Board of Governor’s website.

Board of Governors’ Director Policies

Board of Directors Committee Charters

Main office directors serve on various committees. The Cleveland board of directors has three standing committees: