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Treasury Services

Treasury Services is a mission-driven financial services technology enterprise that serves as a strategic partner, consultant, and provider of cutting-edge products and services to the United States Department of the Treasury. Treasury Service's vision is to drive industry best practices to transform fintech for the benefit of US agencies and citizens and be the preferred fintech professional services organization for Fiscal Service.

History of Treasury Services

  • Agency and customer needs drive our strategy—we develop and leverage technologies that help shape the ways that people and businesses interact with the government.

    Rather than focusing on delivering individual solutions for distinct business problems, Treasury Services’ team of software developers, technologists, product managers, agency liaisons, and other professionals strive to visualize the entire digital experience as a customer journey. The team employs Agile scrum and design thinking methodology, a cloud-based platform, and other industry-proven tools, techniques, and practices in a collaborative environment to embrace the challenge of delivering a high-quality user experience.

    Treasury Services encourages new ideas, new approaches, best practices, and opportunities to improve while embracing the challenge of consistently delivering exceptional service and solutions.

  • Treasury Services focuses on strategic innovation, with an emphasis on research and development, to create incredible experiences and advance existing products through data analysis, market insights, and product knowledge.

    The team hosts an Innovation Lab and program that transforms ideas into workable prototypes, particularly in the area of ecommerce. Projects have included mobile-optimized payments and billing and contactless payments.

  • Treasury Services features a team of highly skilled User Experience (UX) professionals dedicated to delivering innovative solutions for large-scale digital applications. Using advanced data analytics and competitive research, the team remains laser focused on delivering empathic design and a meaningful, best-in-class experience for users.

    The team utilizes the Cleveland Fed’s state-of-the-art Usability Testing Lab designed to facilitate engagement with customers to observe user behavior, with the end goal of driving customer-focused designs and providing a high quality user experience.

Our Agile UX methodology creates an environment where design innovation, technology and intent intersect into a customer first ideal.
—  Senior UX Designer