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Program on Economic Inclusion

The Program on Economic Inclusion (PEI) is an effort to understand the obstacles to economic inclusion in the Federal Reserve’s Fourth District, as well as what approaches are promising for removing those obstacles.

Labor Market Outcomes

Examining published labor market performance measures by race is one way to monitor economic inclusion. While we recognize that there are many dimensions to this important issue, these regularly updated data series allow for a timely national perspective on economic inclusion and racial equity. Explore the data.

Labor Market Inclusion by State

Four different gap-based measures examine the extent to which labor market disparities exist between Black populations and white populations for 35 states. Explore the data.

Meet the PEI Team

Dionissi Aliprantis

Dionissi Aliprantis

Assistant Vice President and Director of the Program on Economic Inclusion

Karen Kopecky

Economic and Policy Advisor

Hal Martin

Policy Economist

Vittoria Dicandia

Research Economist
Craig Sylvera

Craig Sylvera

Research Economist
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