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  • The Racial Wealth Gap and Access to Opportunity Neighborhoods

    Dionissi Aliprantis Daniel R. Carroll Eric Young

    Some Black households live in neighborhoods with lower incomes than their own incomes might suggest, and this may impede their economic mobility. We investigate possible reasons and find that differences in financial factors do not explain racial distributions across neighborhoods. Our findings indicate other factors such as discrimination in the housing market, racial hostility, and social networks are at work. Read More

  • Access to Broadband is Essential for Positive Economic Outcomes

    Though the pandemic has put the spotlight on the issue of limited broadband access in some regions, the Federal Reserve System has been studying it for years. Recent analyses explore the relationship between broadband access and employment. Read More

  • Semiconductor Shortages and Vehicle Production and Prices

    Pawel Krolikowski Kristoph Naggert

    Vehicle production has fallen since the beginning of the pandemic recession. We investigate reasons for this decline. Manufacturers in this industry cite insufficient materials, including a lack of semiconductors, as increasingly responsible. Demand seems to be less of an issue. In fact, demand has been strong, and together with accelerating prices and sharply declining inventories, it suggests an insufficient supply of new cars. Our best guess is that the materials shortages and their effects on new car prices will subside within the next six to nine months. Read More


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