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  • Cleveland Fed recognized in Diversity MBA Magazine’s 50 Out Front

    The Cleveland Fed was recognized in Diversity MBA Magazine’s 50 Out Front: Best Places to Work for Women and Diverse Managers on its Best in Class Companies list for our best practices in board diversity and accountability, ranking top 10 in both categories.

  • MCPI 2015-2

    May 2019 Median CPI Release

    The median Consumer Price Index rose 0.2% (2.3% annualized rate) in May. The 16% trimmed-mean Consumer Price Index rose 0.1% (1.3% annualized rate) during the month. Current Median CPI

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  • Cleveland Fed’s Center for Inflation Research announces improved website and establishment of advisory council

    The Center’s new website offers more information and user-friendly commentary highlighting national price trends and key data series. Read more.

  • Home Mortgage Explorer

    Uncover New Lending Trends with the Home Mortgage Explorer

    This interactive data tool for exploring mortgage lending in metro areas across the country now contains data for 2016 and 2017. The newly incorporated data reveal three key takeaways. Read them

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  • Population, Migration, and Generations in Urban Neighborhoods

    Stephan D. Whitaker

    The number of people living in urban neighborhoods has been rising in recent decades. This Commentary investigates changes in the number, ages, and financial status of those who have been moving into and out of urban neighborhoods, using data from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York/Equifax Consumer Credit Panel. I find that since 2000, the increase in urban populations is the result of young adults migrating into urban neighborhoods and senior citizens aging in place. Urban populations have also become more educated and well to do. While declining urban neighborhoods may still outnumber growing urban neighborhoods within some regions, urban leaders there can work toward population or tax base growth knowing that consumer tastes and national trends are favorable to those goals. Read More

  • 12 Facts about Temporary Urbanists

    Stephan D. Whitaker

    Urban areas seem to be enjoying a renaissance of sorts due in part to the many young professionals who have moved into central neighborhoods since the 2000s. Many of these young professionals are thought to move back out after they have started families, but the details of these migration patterns are not well-known. I analyze data from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York/Equifax Consumer Credit Panel to answer 12 questions about these temporary urbanists—those who choose to move into an urban neighborhood and spend part of their early adulthood there. Read More

  • Pittsburgh—Job Market Strengthens

    Mekael Teshome Sarah Mattson

    Adding enough jobs to accommodate a larger labor force is just one way the Pittsburgh metro area’s economy strengthened: Both GDP per capita and income per capita rose, too. Read More


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