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Cash Services

Our cash mission

  • accuracy
  • integrity
  • quality
  • accountability
  • teamwork

The Cash Department upholds and advances the reputation of the Cleveland Federal Reserve by maintaining the high quality of currency in circulation.

Our customers are integral to our purpose of ensuring ongoing confidence. We meet their demand for US currency through well-controlled operations.

How do we do this?

  • consistently delivering accurate shipments
  • our ethical culture
  • counterfeit detection certification
  • individual and team performance metrics
  • cohesively working to support the Bank’s strategic mission

Why do we do this?

To cultivate trust and build credibility, we:

  • verify all incoming currency and coin
  • pass timely and accurate credit
  • meet demand regardless of external factors
  • ship validated currency and coin
  • issue adjustments with confidence so that Banks pass that confidence on to the merchants and the general public

We have a fully automated vault system that allows us to store and retrieve currency containers without ever leaving the workroom. Inside the new vault, (which is technically by facility standards a building of its own) are 1,344 racking locations to store currency containers. The vault has three aisles that are “double deep,” meaning containers may get shuffled to get to the second deep location. Each currency container weighs approximately 600 pounds empty and can weigh 1,700 pounds when full.

What happens if there’s a business disruption at the Federal Reserve?

Cleveland’s Cash Department maintains comprehensive business continuity plans activated in the event of a business disruption. The Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland’s business continuity plans align with those of other Federal Reserve Banks to support continuity of service. If the normal provision of cash services is impaired, the Fourth District will notify its customers via FedLine Web.

How do I access Federal Reserve Cash?

If FedLine Web, your normal currency- and coin-ordering channel, is unavailable, you can also place orders by calling your local Federal Reserve Bank. To expedite our due diligence process, ensure the employee who contacts our Federal Reserve Bank is reflected on your institution’s official authorization list (OAL) and has the following information: routing number (ABA), branch number, break down and total of the order by denomination, and ship date.

If a Fourth District office is inaccessible for an extended period of time, your financial institution may be directed to place orders with other Federal Reserve Banks. You may also be informed about restrictions on currency and coin orders and deposits, and you may be directed to alternative pickup and delivery points.

Cleveland Cincinnati Branch
Cash admin telephone 216.579.2274 Cash admin telephone 513.455.4241
Cash admin fax 216.579.2950 Cash admin fax 513.455.4588
Cash admin email Cash admin email
Cleveland FRB Police 216.579.2829 Cleveland FRB Police 513.455.4220

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