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Lowering Inflation: The Who, What, and How

Whether it’s high or low, inflation is an ever-present factor in our daily lives, and bringing it down from today’s high levels is a top priority for the Federal Reserve System. But what does the Federal Reserve do to lower inflation? Join us for a conversation with economists from the Federal Reserve Banks of Cleveland, Atlanta, and St. Louis about inflation measures, the Fed’s tools for controlling inflation, and how expectations about inflation impact its actual trajectory, among other topics.

Edward S. Knotek II, Senior Vice President and Director of Research, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

Robert W. Rich, Senior Economic and Policy Advisor and Director of the Center for Inflation Research, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

Charles S. Gascon, Senior Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Brent Meyer, Assistant Vice President and Economist, Economic Survey Research Center, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta


Michelle Park Lazette, Marketing Strategist, People Resources, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

When & Where

February 13, 2023
11:00 AM to 12:00 PM ET
Online Webinar