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Sean Grant

Sean Grant

Chief Administrative Officer Columbus Partnership

Sean Grant is chief financial officer and chief administrative officer for One Columbus and the Columbus Partnership and the chief financial officer of Smart Columbus. Mr. Grant began his career at KeyBank before moving to the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland as a bank examiner and then to a variety of banks across the Midwest and eastern United States. After spending some time in the pharmaceutical sector, he moved to the nonprofit sector, where he is today. He works with entrepreneurs, startups, and community advocates to provide people of color with greater opportunities for economic growth and to ensure that communities have equitable access to multigenerational wealth opportunities to reduce poverty and minimize the racial wealth gap. He has a BA in business management and marketing from Simpson College.

Fast Facts

Why is serving on this council important to you?

This council presents the opportunity to join in something transformational. As a man of color, I understand that I have a unique viewpoint and have been provided experiences based on my career path that many others may have not. The ability to use those experiences in a way that will positively impact others is essential to me. Systemic racism permeates every aspect of our lives, society, institutions, and organizations. It's woven into the fabric of this country. Systemic changes could significantly impact the narrative or perception of banks and banking among people of color. Although it will require out-of-the-box thinking to overcome the legacies of bias, discrimination, and exclusion, I'm excited to know this is a real focus for the Federal Reserve. I believe there can be impactful change given the commitment of those in charge to this challenging and sometimes uncomfortable work.