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2023 Financial Stability Conference

Financial Stability in Times of Macroeconomic Uncertainty

The Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland and the Office of Financial Research will host their eleventh annual financial stability conference on November 16–17, 2023. This year’s conference, Financial Stability in Times of Macroeconomic Uncertainty, will be held in Cleveland, Ohio. Virtual attendance is available.

On the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic, the financial system once again faces a novel set of challenges that have generated uncertainty throughout the global economy. These challenges pose risks to output, employment, and inflation and are joined by the risks stemming from resultant fiscal and monetary policies. These risks develop in the context of rapidly evolving markets and institutions, with cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, CBDCs, artificial intelligence, and many other fintech developments changing the face of finance.

This year’s Financial Stability Conference will explore these and related issues. The call for papers is forthcoming.

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When and where

November 16 – November 17, 2023
Cleveland, Ohio and Hybrid