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Resilience and recovery after flooding in Kentucky

Thirteen counties in eastern Kentucky were declared federal disaster areas in 2022. Despite challenges related to flood insurance, housing, and labor, economic and housing recovery are well underway.

President’s Speech: Financial System Resilience

President Mester addressed the George G. Kaufman Center at Loyola University Chicago on November 29.

How are billions of dollars being spent to expand access to broadband internet connectivity?

In a new Ask the Expert, Merissa Piazza, a senior policy analyst, discusses how funding is being directed to expand broadband access and why the Federal Reserve cares about this issue.

A stable economy for all

That’s our goal at the Cleveland Fed. Serving the Fourth Federal Reserve District, we strive to ensure the health of our monetary system through our role in regulating financial institutions, and we promote education and community development through research and programming.

Work with us

Looking for your next opportunity? We’re proud to be ranked a top place to work in Northeast Ohio, offering the benefits you need and the work-life balance you want in addition to promoting an inclusive culture of diversity and acceptance. Join us in our mission to strengthen the economic performance of the nation and our region and make a positive impact on the communities we serve.

Engaging and rewarding

Working as a software developer for the bank in Information Technology is engaging and rewarding. I get to build valuable solutions for customers while working with a team who foster creativity, innovation, and learning. There is never a dull moment in IT.

— Frank Cerny, Software Developer II