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Indicators and Data

Median CPI

Median CPI ranks the price changes of the components in the CPI from lowest to highest and picks the one in the middle. Its construction makes it less sensitive to short-lived price fluctuations, thereby capturing the trend in prices. Updated monthly.

Inflation Expectations

We combine financial data and survey-based measures to calculate expected inflation rates. Our model reports average expected inflation rates over the next one through 30 years. Released monthly.

Inflation Nowcasting

We provide forecasts of CPI and PCE inflation before the official data are released. These nowcasts give a sense of where inflation is today. Released each business day.

Systemic Risk Indicator

We gauge perceptions of systemic risk in the US financial services industry based on financial market data. Released weekly.

Yield Curve and GDP Growth

We use the yield curve to predict future GDP growth and recession probabilities. The spread between short- and long-term rates typically correlates with economic growth. Released monthly.

Simple Monetary Policy Rules

We present federal funds rates coming from a range of simple monetary policy rules based on multiple economic forecasts. Use our tool to create your own rule. Updated quarterly.

Credit Easing

These interactive charts allow you to view the assets on the Fed’s balance sheet and to see how their composition has changed following the financial crisis in 2008. Updated weekly.


Download datasets available from the Cleveland Fed.