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Institution Data

The Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland collects data from hundreds of financial institutions, including depository institutions, bank holding companies, and other financial and non-financial entities. Data collected from these institutions by the Federal Reserve and other regulatory agencies can be found below.

Supervision, Credit Risk, and Statistics

Cleveland Fed employees in Supervision, Credit Risk, and Statistics (SCS) assist the Bank in promoting the safety and soundness of financial institutions in our region, regulating the nation’s banking and financial structure, and enforcing laws and regulations.

Supervision and Regulation

As part of the nation’s central bank, the Cleveland Fed supervises and regulates financial institutions in the Cleveland Fed’s region. Our employees in Supervision and Regulation promote a safe and sound banking system, foster financial market stability, and support compliance with laws and regulations, including those relating to consumer protection.

Credit Risk

Credit Risk employees provide liquidity to the banking system, work to avoid losses that undermine the integrity of payment systems or the credibility of the Federal Reserve System, and facilitate the implementation of monetary policy.

Statistics and Analysis

Teams in Statistics and Analysis support monetary policymaking, supervision and regulation, and fiscal agency responsibilities through collecting, analyzing, and ensuring the quality of financial and banking structure information.