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Working Paper

Trust and Investment Corporations in China

Trust and investment corporations (TICs) have played a very important role in China’s economic reform. However, this sector is now in a chaotic situation because it lacks proper regulation and clear distinction from other financial sectors. Substantial reform is imperative in order to sustain TICs’ financial stability and avoid an adverse effect on the economy. This paper gives a detailed description of Chinese TICs’ formation and expansion. After pointing out the problems and their sources, we suggest that TICs in China should resume the international standard trust services instead of conducting businesses that overlap with the banking and securities industries. Chinese settlors should be treated as shareholders instead of debtholders. To smooth out the process of transition, we propose an intermediate scheme that takes into account both the realities in China and the international trust operation standard.

Suggested Citation

Hong, Zhaohui. 1997. “Trust and Investment Corporations in China.” Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Working Paper No. 97-06.