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Multimedia Storytelling

For Many Who Want to Own a Home, It’s Tough—Even in Affordable Places Like Ohio

Explore the state of affordable homeownership in video, photography, and people's stories

In this multimedia piece, homebuyers, housing experts, and Cleveland Fed researchers discuss the state of affordable homeownership and why it matters.

Corinne Bozin-Grizzell arrives with a thick pile of research, and she’s flipping through the pages. “This is an interesting view on how things have changed,” the real estate agent promises.

In 2016, she sold a house on West 65th Street in Cleveland for $60,000, she says. That same 1,200-square-foot home sold again in 2023 with what she deems “minimal improvements,” based on pictures online. “It sold for—want to take a guess?”

The photographer on assignment guesses the price more than doubled to $135,000. She’s low, really low.

And so begins our latest storytelling, which explores the state of affordable homeownership through video, photography, and stories from a real estate agent, two recent homebuyers, the leaders of housing-related nonprofits, and Cleveland Fed researchers.

Housing experts and researchers answer:

  • Why does affordable homeownership matter?
  • How has the affordable homeownership market changed in recent years, and why?
  • What is being done locally to help increase access to affordable housing?  
  • Where do we go from here?

And don’t miss the list of resources we’ve pulled together for buyers now on the hunt.