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Jean Burson

Vice President
Department Research

Jean Burson is a vice president in the Research Department at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. She advises the research director, oversees operations, and leads the research administration, information technology, and library teams.

As a policy advisor, Ms. Burson contributed to the Federal Reserve System’s Public Pension and State and Local Government Finance Financial Monitoring Team. In this role, she was responsible for monitoring developments in in public pension funds and state and local government finance and collaborating with colleagues in several Reserve Banks to provide regular updates on potential sources of financial instability or systemic risk.

Ms. Burson focused on understanding the impact of various aspects of financial regulatory reform in the aftermath of the financial crisis and was active in numerous outreach forums to gain insights from industry representatives and public officials. Prior to work in public policy, Jean led the Bank’s financial and strategic planning unit, where she worked to integrate the Bank’s strategic planning, financial planning, and performance and risk management processes. Jean began her career with the Bank in the Research Department, where she contributed to economic research, including several publications on monetary policy topics. She also served on a Federal Reserve System group dedicated to payments system research, participated in a study of the Fed’s future role in the payments system, and authored a white paper on the impact of terrorism on the provision of currency.

Ms. Burson holds a BA in economics from Oberlin College and an MBA with a concentration in banking and finance from Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management.