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Outside Lending in the NYC Call Loan Market

Before the Panic of 1907 the large New York City banks were able to maintain the call loan market’s liquidity during panics, but the rise in outside lending by trust companies and interior banks in the decade leading up the panic weakened the influence of the large banks. Creating a reliable source of liquidity and reserves external to the financial market like a central bank became obvious after the panic. The lack of a lender of last resort for investment banks engaged in bank-like activities during the crisis of 2007-09 revealed a similar need for an external liquidity source.

Keywords: Bank panic, stock market, credit rationing, rehypothecation.

JEL Codes: G01, N21.

Suggested citation: Moen, Jon R., and Ellis W. Tallman, 2014. “Outside Lending in the NYC Call Loan Market,” Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Working Paper no. 14-08.

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