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Cleveland Fed launches research analyst webpage, looks to attract talent to the Fourth District

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Serving as a one‐stop shop for potential research analysts (RAs) and students interested in economics, the Cleveland Fed's newly launched research analyst webpage provides a transparent and holistic look of what it is like being an RA.

“We believe that sharing more information about what it's like to be a research analyst will help us to attract and retain diverse, high-quality talent to the Cleveland Fed,” said Ellis Tallman, Executive Vice President of Research. “Broader representation of views and backgrounds is especially important in the field of economics, helping to ensure that we are addressing a wide set of issues from different angles so that we can best address real-world problems.”

Working alongside PhD economists, research analysts learn the ins and outs of creating economic research, develop marketable skills, and build human capital. RAs have the opportunity to work within areas of microeconomics, macroeconomic policy, macroeconomic forecasting, and banking and finance, which provides an opportunity to build skills that will help RAs be successful in graduate school. RAs typically spend two to three years working at the Fed, which may inspire and influence them to pursue a PhD and return to the Federal Reserve System as economists.

Learn more: Being a Research Analyst

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