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Estimating Real and Nominal Term Structures using Treasury Yields Inflation Inflation Forecasts and Inflation Swap Rates

This paper develops and estimates an equilibrium model of the term structures of nominal and real interest rates. The term structures are driven by state variables that include the short term real interest rate, expected inflation, a factor that models the changing level to which inflation is expected to revert, as well as four volatility factors that follow GARCH processes. We derive analytical solutions for the prices of nominal bonds, inflation-indexed bonds that have an indexation lag, the term structure of expected inflation, and inflation swap rates. The model parameters are estimated using data on nominal Treasury yields, survey forecasts of inflation, and inflation swap rates. We find that allowing for GARCH effects is particularly important for real interest rate and expected inflation processes, but that long-horizon real and inflation risk premia are relatively stable. Comparing our model prices of inflation-indexed bonds to those of Treasury Inflation Proected Securities (TIPS) suggests that TIPS were underpriced prior to 2004 but subsequently were valued fairly. We find that unexpected increases in both short run and longer run inflation implied by our model have a negative impact on stock market returns.

Key words: Term structure of interest rates, inflation expectations, asset pricing.

JEL code: E43, G12, E52

Suggested citation: Haubrich, Joseph G., George Pennacchi, and Peter Ritchken, 2008. "Estimating Real and Nominal Term Structure," Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Working Paper no. 08-10

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