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Annual Report 2010: Price Stability: Why We Seek It and How Best to Achieve It

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2010 Price Stability Why We Seek It and How Best to Achieve It

  1. President’s Foreword
  2. Price Stability: Why We Seek It and How Best to Achieve It
  3. Frequently Asked Questions About Inflation
  4. Operational Highlights
  5. Financial Statements
  6. Officers and Consultants
  7. Boards of Directors
  8. Advisory Councils


  • Executive Editor: Robin Ratliff, Assistant Vice President and Assistant Corporate Secretary
  • Managing Editor: Amy Koehnen, Strategic Communications
  • Editor: Doug Campbell, Strategic Communications
  • Managing Designer: Michael Galka, Manager, Strategic Communications
  • Designer: Natalie Bashkin, Strategic Communications
  • Contributors:
    • Kenneth Beauchemin, Senior Research Economist
    • John Carlson, Vice President and Economist
    • Todd Clark, Vice President and Economist
    • Joseph Haubrich, Vice President and Economist
    • Owen Humpage, Senior Economic Advisor
    • Michele Lachman, Editor
    • Brent Meyer, Senior Economic Analyst
    • Mehmet Pasaogullari, Research Economist
    • Abigail Zemrock, Communications Specialist
  • Advisory Panel:
    • James Savage, Vice President and Public Information Officer
    • Mark Schweitzer, Senior Vice President and Director of Research
    • Mark Sniderman, Executive Vice President and Chief Policy Officer
    • Lisa Vidacs, Senior Vice President
  • Portrait Photography: Chris Pappas Photography, Inc.

This annual report was prepared by the Public Affairs and Research departments of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland.

For additional copies, contact the Research Library, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, PO Box 6387, Cleveland, OH 44101, or call 216.579.2050. Portions of the report as well as additional commentary on inflation-related topics appear in the spring issue of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland’s policy publication, Forefront. We invite your comments and questions. Please email us at

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