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Annual Report 1999: Theory Ahead of Rhetoric: Economic Policy for a "New Economy"

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  1. President’s Foreword
  2. Theory Ahead of Rhetoric Economic Policy for a New Economy
  3. Management’s Report on Responsibility for Financial Reporting
  4. Report of Independent Accountants on Financial Reporting
  5. Report of Independent Accountants on Financial Statements
  6. Comparative Financial Statements
  7. Notes to Financial Statements
  8. Officers and Consultants
  9. Boards of Directors
  10. 1999 Operational Highlights
  11. Business Advisory Council and Community Bank Advisory Council


  • Managing Editor: Patricia DeMaioribus
  • Contributing Editors: Deborah Zorska, Michele Lachman
  • Designer: Michael Galka
  • Portrait Photography: The Reuben Group

The Annual Report was prepared by the Public Information and Research departments of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. For additional copies, contact the Research Library, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, PO Box 6387, Cleveland, OH 44101, or call 216.579.2052. We invite your comments and questions. Please email us at

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