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Our Directors

Structure, Composition, and Leadership of Boards of Directors

The Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland was established under the Federal Reserve Act in 1914 and is subject to the general oversight and supervision of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System in Washington DC. The Cleveland Fed is governed by a nine‐member board of directors, which consists of three classes of directors. This three-class structure is designed to ensure that directors bring diverse perspectives to board discussions.

The Cleveland Fed is the main office for the Fourth Federal Reserve District. The District also has branch offices in Cincinnati and Pittsburgh, and each branch has its own board of seven directors, three appointed by the Board of Governors and four appointed by the main office’s board of directors. Collectively, the three boards comprise representatives from a variety of Fourth District industries, sectors, and communities. Please visit the Board of Governors website for detailed information about the demographic characteristics of Reserve Bank main office and branch directors.

Board of Directors Leadership

Each year, the Board of Governors designates one Class C director as chair of the main office board of directors and another Class C director as deputy chair. Additionally, each year one of the Board of Governors-appointed directors at each branch is designated chair by the main office board.

Tenure and Rotation of Reserve Bank Directors

Main office and branch directors are elected or appointed for staggered three‐year terms for up to two terms. When a director does not serve a full term, the successor director serves the unexpired portion of that term. Directors may not serve for more than seven years.

Director Diversity Disclosures

Information on diversity, demographics, and sector representation of Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland boards of directors is available to the public.