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About Us

Working from three cities—Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Cincinnati—our Cleveland Fed community development team promotes the economic resilience and mobility of low- and moderate-income (LMI) people and communities throughout our district. Economists, policy analysts, and outreach managers help support stable, sustainable communities and fair and impartial access to credit by listening, learning, and capturing insights from community members; conducting applied research and analyzing data and trends; sharing findings and policy implications through publications, webinars, face-to-face meetings, and conferences; and convening key players in community and economic development to discuss our findings with the intent to inform policy, decision making, and investment.

Our work primarily focuses on three priority areas:

  • Economic and Workforce Development: Access to good jobs (related work)
  • Housing: Access to quality and affordable housing (related work)
  • Small Business: Access to credit (related work)

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At an event, FRBC President Mester, Fed Chair Powell, and Youngstown-area leaders discussed ways to build resilient workforces. Read the recap and watch the video.

Community Advisory Council

The Community Advisory Council (CAC) helps to inform the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland’s Community Development staff and senior leadership about current and emerging issues and trends impacting underserved and lower-income individuals and communities in the Fourth District. Learn more and meet the members.

Meet the Team

Emily Garr Pacetti
Vice President and Community Affairs Officer
Mary Helen Petrus
Assistant Vice President
Layisha Bailey
Community Development Analyst
Kyle D. Fee
Senior Policy Analyst
Matt Klesta
Senior Community Development Analyst
Hal Martin
Policy Economist
Lucas Misera
Community Development Analyst
Lisa Nelson
Community Development Research Manager
Zoe Slater
Outreach Coordinator
Ann Marie Wiersch
Community Development Policy Advisor

Regional Outreach

Ken Surratt
Community Development Outreach Manager
Region: Districtwide
Bonnie S. Blankenship
Regional Outreach Manager
Region: Southern Ohio and eastern Kentucky
Treye Johnson
Regional Outreach Manager
Region: Northeast, Northwest, and Central Ohio
Drew Pack
Regional Outreach Manager
Region: Western Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia panhandle