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The Applications section within the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland’s Supervision and Regulation Department is responsible for processing various types of applications received from bank holding companies (BHCs), savings and loan holding companies (SLHCs), state member banks and institution-affiliated parties.

Filing Banking Applications


E-Apps is strongly recommended as the most efficient method of filing applications. E-Apps is a web-based application that allows banking organizations supervised by the Federal Reserve System to submit regulatory filings online, either directly or through their authorized representatives.

The process for submitting applications online has been carefully designed to ensure data confidentiality and filer identity verification. Individuals will be issued a digital certificate to ensure that only authorized users can access the system.

Below are short, simple instructional videos to help you sign up for E-apps, designate an authorized representative, and more:

Note: Users can only view these videos in Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Internet Explorer users should download the videos to watch.

To access the necessary forms and/or log in to E-apps click here.



Department Toll Free: 1.800.537.5990

Questions regarding the filing of applications may be submitted to

Regulatory Applications Staff

R. Ryan Schilling, Manager 513.455.4406
Mandy Cavell Gordon, Analyst 216.579.2075
Kyle Evans, Attorney 216.372.2757
Thomas Hendricks, Analyst 216.579.3165
Todd Hershberger, Analyst 216.579.2442
Holly Kaskey, Analyst 216.579.2979
Carrie Moore, Attorney 216.579.2875
Tani Wolfe, Analyst 216.579.2179

Banking Market Definitions and Competitive Analysis

Thomas Hendricks, Analyst 216.579.3165
Todd Hershberger, Analyst 216.579.2442

Banking Market Definitions

These banking market definitions are currently used by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland in analyzing the competitive effects of banking proposals within the Fourth District. The market definitions are typically based on several factors that include, but are not limited to, trade areas, commuting patterns, political boundaries, and the location and size of banks and other financial institutions.

These market definitions are subject to modification as the aforementioned factors change or as applications are processed. Evaluation of a market definition typically is linked to analysis of specific applications. The definitions described here reflect those currently in use.

If you have any questions regarding competitive analysis or the banking markets, please contact Applications staff members Tom Hendricks at 216.579.3165 or Todd Hershberger at 216.579.2442.

Banking Market Definitions for Bordering States

For those states that border other Federal Reserve Districts, it may be necessary to reference the Banking Market Definitions for these states. These definitions are available on the following websites:

Competitive Analysis and Structure Source Instrument (CASSIDI)

As an additional resource for determining Banking Market Definitions, the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank created CASSIDI, a resource that provides banking market definitions as well as a tool to calculate how a potential merger transaction would change a banking market’s concentration. Users are able to search for and view banking markets, find banking market concentrations, and perform “what if” analyses on banking market structures.

You may submit comments on an application filed with the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland electronically to or in hard copy to:

Allen Brown
Banking Supervisor
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
P.O. Box 6387
Cleveland, Ohio 44101-1387


Allen Brown
Banking Supervisor
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
1455 East Sixth Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44114

Comments must be received by the Reserve Bank on or before the last day of the public comment period.