2014 Writing Contest: 100 Years of Change: Once upon a time...Before TV!

Second Place Creative Writing

The Credit Card

Tom Branstein, Aurora High School, Aurora, OH, Teacher, Mrs. Jenna Schadle

An idea that seems to not be that hard

Is the invention of the credit card.

There's no need to carry wallets that weigh a pound,

When you don't need to carry paper money around.

A piece of plastic is all you need

To fulfill all of your pleasures of greed.

However, the swipes are never free,

And eventually you will need to pay the fee.

The interest rates charged will make you cry

If you are not an on-time-payment guy.

Your credit can be managed and your score can be good,

If you pay the amount at the time the company says you should.

Credit cards are much safer than cash can be

Because you can report stolen if that purchase wasn't "me."

Cash can be stolen without being traced,

But credit cards can be cancelled with charges erased.

With each swipe of the card, goods are electronically bought,

And exact price is given without a thought.

We no longer need to lug cash money around town

Because a plastic card can buy even a new gown.

The idea is revolutionary and has changed how we spend;

The money isn't needed right away, the company will lend.

But the reward to spend more needs to be earned,

The credit company will only allow a limit to be burned.

Use this great invention wisely for all of your years,

Or you may be so far in debt, it’ll bring you to tears.

In conclusion, the credit card has affected the economy the most,

Because now you use credit to buy the family roast.