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Field trips to learn about money. Traveling exhibits about history. Classroom activities on economics, personal finance, and college and career readiness. These are just a few of the free resources that the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland offers to educators, students, libraries, and community organizations.

As part of the United States central bank, the Cleveland Fed helps provide the nation with a safer and more stable monetary and financial system, and we also support the well-being of communities across the country and in our District, which covers Ohio, western Pennsylvania, the panhandle of West Virginia, and eastern Kentucky.

Mission: We serve our communities, with an emphasis on the underserved, by connecting individuals of all ages with educational resources to support them in reaching their economic potential and to build an understanding of the Federal Reserve's role in the nation's economy.

Vision: Build a brighter financial future with opportunities for all.

Meet our Team

  • Lakisha Higgins (based in Cincinnati)
  • Khaz Finley (based in Cleveland)
  • Robin Gavan (based in Cleveland)
  • Elle Benak (based in Cleveland)