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Ellis W. Tallman

Executive Vice President and Director of Research

Ellis Tallman is executive vice president and director of research at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. Dr. Tallman leads the Research Department, which is responsible for conducting economic research and policy analysis. He is responsible for advising the Bank’s president on monetary policy and related matters, setting the research direction, selecting and developing staff, and establishing departmental priorities. His research currently focuses on macroeconomics, economic forecasting, and US historical episodes of financial crisis and policy responses.

Prior to joining the Cleveland Reserve Bank, Dr. Tallman was the Danforth-Lewis Professor of Economics at Oberlin College, where he chaired the Economics Department. In addition, he was a visiting scholar in the Research Department at the Cleveland Fed. Prior to joining Oberlin College, Dr. Tallman was a vice president and team leader for the macroeconomics group in the Research Department at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, and an adjunct professor at Emory University. Tallman also served a two-year appointment as a visiting senior research economist at the Reserve Bank of Australia, where he engaged in policy support and provided economic research for the Australian central bank.

Dr. Tallman received a bachelor’s degree in economics from Indiana University, Bloomington, and an MA and PhD in economics from the University of Rochester.