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  • Beige Book Report Shows Region's Economy Grew Modestly

    Interviews with Fourth District contacts suggest that recent business activity in the region grew modestly. Find specifics on wages, prices, spending, and industries in report. Read More
  • A Long Ride to Work: Job Access and the Potential Impact of Ride-Hailing in the Pittsburgh Area

    Whether measured by proximity or commute time, data show that for the average transit rider, jobs are increasingly out of reach. Cleveland Fed researchers explored one solution for improving job access. Here’s your ticket to ride. Read More
  • Opioids and the Labor Market

    This paper studies whether the opioid epidemic is causing workers to leave the labor force or whether a shock to the labor force like the Great Recession causes greater opioid abuse. We find evidence for the former but not for the latter. Individuals in areas with higher prescription rates are less likely to participate in the labor force. And the Great Recession had no effect on the share of people abusing opioids. Read More
  • College Endowments

    This Economic Commentary documents the large dispersion in the value of college endowments across institutions and also shows how endowment values have changed over time. It also provides information on the number of institutions that may be affected by the new federal "endowment tax" and how that number may fluctuate over time. Read More

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