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Inflation: Drivers and Dynamics Conference 2019

The Center for Inflation Research is a new initiative of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. We are very excited about this initiative and the contributions it will make across multiple audiences, and you can sign up here to receive updates as our efforts move forward.

The Center for Inflation Research hosted the Cleveland Fed’s fourth research conference dedicated to inflation on May 16-17, 2019, in Cleveland. The conference brought together top researchers from academia, central banks, and other policy institutions to present research findings related to inflation. Some of the topics covered included the following:

  • Inflation dynamics and monetary policy
  • Monetary policy frameworks and the inflation process
  • Determinants of inflation expectations and their relationship with observed inflation
  • Input costs and their role in inflation dynamics
  • Micro-level price dynamics and implications for aggregate inflation
  • Inflation forecasting

Each paper had an assigned discussant. Papers and presentations can be found on the agenda tab. A summary of the papers presented can be found here.

Conference Organizers: Robert Rich, Ed Knotek, and Todd Clark