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Online activities

Play and learn! Interactive online games support students' learning about the history of currency, barter and exchange, the role of money in history and culture, and smart financial decision making. Activities help build critical thinking skills and complement curricula in economics, finance, and civics.


Discover Historical U.S. Currency

How has U.S. paper money changed? Throughout history, the nation's currency has shown many historic people, places, and symbols. Learn about our past while discovering the artistry of our currency designs over the years. Try it now!

Escape from the Barter Islands

Why do we have money? Think about a dollar bill: If you're hungry, you can't eat it; in a rainstorm, it won't keep you dry. But you can trade it for an apple or an umbrella. If you lived in a world without money, how would you get the things you want and need? Try it now!

Explore Money from Around the World

What tales can money tell? Learn about different cultures, journey through various landscapes, and meet heroes—all by examining a country's currency. Find out which country's money honors a great chess champion, which depicts the dangerous sport of land diving, which honors the nation's diversity—and much more! Try it now!

Money Word Search

Can you find all the money words? Test your skill on the Great Minds Think: A Kid's Guide to Money Word Search! Try it now!


Panic of 1907

Why was the Federal Reserve System created? This short video explains how a bank panic in 1907 caused Americans to call for a solution to instability in banking and financial markets. Watch it now!

Money Visions

What do you think about money? What has money been in the past? What might money be in the future? Watch this brief video to see what some Learning Center visitors had to say about money.

Read and Write

Great Minds Think: A Kid's Guide to Money

How can you make your own best decisions about money? It's always the right time to learn more about financial decision making. This free, self-directed, and interactive book introduces concepts like earning, spending, and saving in an exciting and fun way! Read more or Download

Power to the People: Regulation and Change

Explore events of the Progressive Era including the creation of the first regulatory agencies in the United States. Try it now!

Follow the yellow brick road...

Take a trip to Oz and back and learn about one of the hottest issues leading up to the 1896 presidential election — what gives money value. Try it now!