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Meet the Team

The Education and Museum Outreach team is ready to help you have fun while learning. Plan a field trip, organize a customized program to fit your curriculum, and find teaching resources from the Fed and other agencies. All programs and resources are free!

kelly banks

Kelly A. Banks, APR

Vice President

Kelly Banks is a vice president in the Corporate Communications & Engagement department at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland.

A graduate of Miami University in Ohio, she spent most of her career working in television news. She occasionally wondered about what happened behind the walls of the beautiful Federal Reserve Bank building in downtown Cleveland—but she was too busy to raising a family to ask.

Kelly joined the Bank—the Cleveland Fed—in 1998. The more she learned about the Bank and its important work—the more she knew she wanted to share that story with the community. In her role, she is responsible for education, engagement and events. She spends her days (and many nights) talking about the Fed, financial literacy and the importance of lifelong learning... Read more

Jennifer Ransom

Jennifer K. Ransom, APR

Manager, Education & Museum Outreach

Jennifer Ransom is manager of Education and Museum Outreach at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland.

When studying for her Masters in economics at Bowling Green State University, she dreamed of working at the Fed someday — really!

Jennifer began her career with the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland in 1997 as an analyst in the Research department. A couple of years later she moved to the Public Information department because her geek love for all things Federal Reserve was without limit — she coordinated the Bank’s tour program and led education outreach efforts, which gave her an outlet to tell over 10,000 people a year amazing stories about the Fed and economics. One of the biggest, and most fun, projects in her career so far was helping design the Learning Center and Money Museum with an eye toward meeting the needs of the education community and teaching about economics in a fun way... Read more

Kriss Plumer

Kriss Plumer

Learning Center Coordinator

Kriss Plumer is a communications coordinator in Education & Museum Outreach at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland.

If you’ve ever visited the Learning Center and Money Museum or taken a tour of the Bank—you’ve probably met Kriss. She runs the museum’s daily operations, and presents learning programs on financial education and economics to thousands of people every year all across the region. How do we really know how many people she talks to? Because she helps us keep track of our visitor numbers—and we have lots of visitors!... Read more

Katie Murphy

Katie Murphy

Communication Analyst

Katie Murphy started with the Bank as an intern in the summer of 2014 and became a full-time member of the department in January of 2015.

Prior to working at the Bank, Katie was a Writing Intensive English major at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. While there, she spent much of her time working with university publications, volunteering for local high schools, and lifeguarding at Marquette’s rec facilities. Her time at Marquette helped grow her love of writing and education, and now that she has graduated, she is very excited to build upon that passion in her work with the Federal Reserve. Her advice for students is to never give up, ask tons of questions and explore everything you can... Read more

Patricia DeMaioribus

Patricia DeMaioribus

Communications Coordinator

Patricia DeMaioribus is a communications coordinator in Education and Museum Outreach at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. A graduate of Cleveland State University, she has spent her career in public relations, advertising, and government relations working with banking, health care, and non-profit organizations. She joined the Bank in 1996 eager to share the Fed’s story in the community. A few years later, she was asked to plan one of the coolest projects in her Fed career—a week-long celebration to mark the beautiful Bank building’s 75th anniversary. It gave her the opportunity to extend the Fed’s story to hundreds of community leaders and thousands of employees and their family members... Read more



Think what you will—Monte’s more than just a squirrel! Monte is the official mascot for the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland’s Learning Center and Money Museum. Why a squirrel you ask?... Read more