Power to the People: Regulation and Change

Power to the People: Regulation and Change is a traveling exhibit that is available for loan to interested schools and groups. Learn about the origins of regulatory agencies and the important role that the public plays in the regulatory process.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland’s special exhibit Power to the People: Regulation and Change is now available in a traveling version for loan to interested groups.

The exhibit explores:

  • The public’s role in the regulatory process
  • The historical origin of regulatory agencies

Power to the People is an excellent visual resource to provide students, civic groups, and public employees information about rules, regulations, and laws, and about the impact of four regulatory agencies:

  • The Federal Reserve Board of Governors, from elastic currency to truth in lending.
  • The Interstate Commerce Commission, from railroad price discrimination to desegregation.
  • The Federal Trade Commission, from trust-busting to identity theft.
  • The Federal Communications Commission, from the Titanic to high speed internet.

Now available for loan!

There is no fee to borrow the exhibit. However, borrowing organizations must pay for shipping and insure the shipment.
Call to reserve the exhibit: 216.579.3188 or learningcenter@clev.frb.org