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Frequently Asked Questions

Bank Offices

Where can I find addresses for the Bank’s main office and branches?
The Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, and has branch offices in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. You can find addresses here.


How can I get information about Bank job openings?
Find our job postings and other employment info at Careers.
Does the Cleveland Fed have an intern program?
Yes. Internships are generally posted beginning in August.

Learning Center and Money Museum; Bank Tours

Where can I find information on visiting the Learning Center and Money Museum? How can I schedule a Bank tour for my school group, business, or community organization?
See our Learning Center and Money Museum FAQs.

Educational Resources; Bank Publications

Does the Bank provide resources for students and teachers?
Yes. See our Learning Center and Money Museum FAQs for details
How can I subscribe to Cleveland Fed publications?
Visit our Subscriptions page to sign up for publications and e-mail alerts.

Cleveland Fed Data and Indices

Where can I find Bank data and indices? See:
Cleveland Financial Stress Index (CFSI)
Inflation Expectations Measure
Inflation Nowcasts
Median CPI
Yield Curve and Predicted GDP Growth


How can I schedule a Bank speaker for my business, civic, or community group?
Visit our Speakers Bureau for information and to complete our Speaker Request Form.

Media Inquiries and Interview Requests

I’m a journalist. Who would I contact to schedule an interview?
Reporters with questions about or an interest in speaking with Cleveland Fed President and CEO Loretta J. Mester should contact Doug Campbell, Executive Communications, 513.455.4479.

Journalists interested in talking with other Cleveland Fed staff members or with questions about Bank research should contact June Gates, Public Information Manager, 216.579.2048.

Consumer Information

I’m having a problem with a financial institution. Where can I find help?
The Federal Reserve Consumer Help website assists consumers who have a problem with a bank or other financial institution. The Federal Reserve also provides a number of resources to help consumers better understand bank accounts, credit cards, mortgage and other personal loans, consumer leases, credit reports and scores, identify theft, and frauds and scams.

Currency and Coins

How can I find out how much a specific bill or coin is worth?
Currency and coin collectors or dealers can provide information about the value to collectors of specific bills or coins.
What should I do with mutilated or burnt currency?
The Treasury’s Bureau of Engraving and Printing provides information about redeeming mutilated currency.
Where can I obtain newly minted coins, commemorative coin sets, or specific currency notes?
The Federal Reserve does not provide currency and coin directly to the public. You can check with your local financial institutions regarding the availability of newly minted coins or specific currency notes. The U.S. Mint sells special collector sets of coins and commemorative coin sets and the Bureau of Engraving and Printing sells sheets of currency and other products.

Savings Bonds and Treasury Securities (Treasury Direct)

Where can I find information about Savings Bonds, Treasury Securities, and TIPS?
Treasury Direct offers information about Savings Bonds; Treasury Bills, Notes and Bonds; and Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS).