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Metro Mix — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Snapshots of economic conditions and prospects for MSAs in the Fourth District

Pittsburgh Metro Mix (April 2017) | PDF

Employment in the Pittsburgh metro area has remained relatively flat since 2012. In 2016, employment declined slightly during the year through September, with losses concentrated in goods-producing sectors such as mining, manufacturing, and construction. These losses largely offset employment gains among some service-sector industries. The area’s unemployment rate rose over the course of 2016, ending the year a percentage point above the national average, though it improved in January, falling to 5.3 percent. While the number of residential building permits issued in the area remains relatively low, home prices have continued to see fairly strong gains. Finally, per capita consumer debt levels—though they remain low—have risen more sharply in the Pittsburgh metro area than in Pennsylvania or the United States during the two-year period that ended in the fourth quarter of 2016. Read more…