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The Economy in Perspective

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A day in the life
“You’ve changed.”
“Pardon me?”
“You’ve changed,” she said. “You’re not the economy I married.”
I put down the newspaper and looked at my wife, puzzled. “I have not changed. How have I changed?”
“When I married you 10 years ago,” she said, “you had some spring in your step. You were ready to conquer the world. I looked at you and saw a wunderkind. Now what do I see?”
“Okay,” I said. “I give up. What do you see?”
“I see,” she said, “An economy falling way short of his potential.”

Suggested citation: "The Economy in Perspective," Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Economic Trends, no. 04-04, pp. 01, 04.01.2004.

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