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Annual Report 2008: Breaking the Housing Crisis Cycle

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abandoned house
  1. President’s Foreword
  2. Breaking the Housing Crisis Cycle
  3. 2008 Operational Highlights
  4. Management’s Report on Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
  5. Report of Independent Auditors
  6. Comparative Financial Statements
  7. Notes to Financial Statements
  8. Officers and Consultants
  9. Boards of Directors
  10. Business Advisory Councils

Broadcast-Ready Scripts/Sound Bites

Use these broadcast-ready scripts and sound bites on the foreclosure crisis and proposals for breaking the housing crisis cycle.

  • Housing Crisis Playing out Differently in Federal Reserve Fourth District
  • Plan for Breaking Housing Crisis Cycle
  • Population Decline in Some Areas Will Impact Housing Crisis
  • Over-Lending, Not Housing Bubble to Blame for Housing Crisis
  • No Single Idea Will be Enough to Fix Housing Crisis

Print Story/Press Release

In its annual report, released today, the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland documents how the housing crisis cycle unfolded differently in its district than it did in other parts of the country. The Cleveland Fed also is proposing a multi-faceted approach to breaking the cycle that focuses on the interconnected nature of the problems that led to the crisis.

The Annual Report was prepared by the Public Affairs, Research, and Community Development departments of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. For additional copies, contact the Research Library, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, PO Box 6387, Cleveland, OH 44101, or call 216.579.2050. We invite your comments and questions. Please email us at

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