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InterAgency Collaboration Roundtable


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Financial regulators from agencies
such as:


InterAgency Collaboration Roundtable


May 3 – 4, 2017


Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
Constitution Center
400 7th Street SW
Washington, DC 20024


Sharing knowledge, information, and work products across organizational boundaries is easier said than done. Add in legal, FOIA, and other challenges and the task gets harder. Yet, the need to collaborate and work together more effectively across boundaries is critically important.

What does “collaborate and work together more effectively” mean as it relates to InterAgency collaboration?

Fundamentally, it means having standard, well-managed, secure processes and collaboration sites that allow cross-agency work groups, task forces, and communities of interest to share documents, ask questions, generate conversation, and co-create deliverables anywhere, anytime, and anyplace; simply, securely, and within the boundaries of legal and information sharing agreements of the various regulatory agencies. One critical element to making collaboration across agencies successful is enabling trusting relationships with and across the agencies through formal documents and well-established relationships.

The Federal Reserve’s Knowledge Management Support Office administers secure, well-managed processes that enable collaboration among financial regulatory agencies in a web-based, or virtual, environment.

Why should I attend the InterAgency Collaboration Roundtable?

The InterAgency Collaboration Roundtable is a working session that allows participants from each of the regulatory agencies to build relationships and identify important work to be done collectively. It also affords opportunities to explore the current and future InterAgency collaboration landscape, tools, and other best practices to create processes that can lead to more effective and efficient supervision of the financial industry while helping to reduce barriers and instill greater confidence and information sharing.