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Summer Programming

Scavenger Hunt: Savvy Spender Challenge

Do your students like scavenger hunts? With our Savvy Spender Scavenger Hunt challenge, they can have fun and learn budgeting skills at the same time. The goal is to find the best prices on tools and supplies to help get a community garden up and growing. Let's see how savvy they can be!

Dig It! Build Your Own Community Garden

Students interested in putting down roots in their community are in luck. By following our step-by-step guide, they’ll be able to start a community garden in their neighborhood and grow veggies, fruits, and flowers as well as stronger connections with friends and neighbors.

Summer Research Coding Camp

Summer Research Coding Camp is a virtual weeklong immersive program for rising high school juniors and seniors. Students will participate in experiential hands-on activities exposing them to real world skills such as data analysis and interpretation while exploring how economists utilize these skills in their careers. Visit the event page to learn more.

Logicals: Bubbles, Treats, and Snacks!

Students can explore their logic-based reasoning skills by playing three perplexing summer-themed puzzles, designed to use the process of elimination and deductive reasoning to find the answers. Each Logical contains a fun activity at the end that’s perfect for warm, summer days!

Summer Reading List

Great stories and books can teach us valuable lessons. In our new summer reading list, your students will find stories to get lost in while learning about personal finance and money (shhhh! don’t tell them that last part!). They can check out last year’s summer reading list for even more options.

Grow Your Savings

Students can watch their money grow this summer while shooting for a goal! This activity will show them how to save the money they earn to put toward a cool purchase while still putting money in the piggy-bank—that they’ll have the opportunity to build themselves—for long-term savings.

Coloring pages for all ages!

For students that love to add some creativity and color using colored pencils, pens, or crayons – these coloring pages can add to their summer fun. Students can explore their own ideas for creating in or outside the lines!