learning center and money museum

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about visiting the Learning Center and Money Museum or programs for your students?

When is the Money Museum open?
The Money Museum is open Monday – Thursday, 9:30 am to 2:30 pm. It is closed on Bank holidays, Fridays, and weekends.
Where is the Money Museum located?
The museum is located inside the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland at 1455 East 6th Street, at the corner of East 6th and Superior Avenue. Museum visitors enter at the East Sixth entrance. Guests unable to climb stairs and those with strollers can access the Bank and the Money Museum at our Superior Avenue entrance.
How much is admission to the Money Museum?
Money Museum admission is free.
Is there parking provided at the Money Museum?
The Money Museum does not have on-site parking. However, there are paid parking lots and garages within a few blocks of the museum on Rockwell Avenue, Superior Avenue, and Ninth Street. We do not validate parking.
Do I get to see the vault when I visit the Money Museum?
When you visit the Money Museum, you do get to see our beautiful main lobby, but there is not access to view the vault. See our  visit us page for information on Bank tours.
What type of exhibits and activities are available at the Money Museum?
The Money Museum features more than 25 hands-on exhibits for fun and learning. Try your hand trading your way off the Barter Islands, see if you can detect counterfeit notes, design your own money and much more. If you want to see what everything looks like, check out our virtual tour.
Does the Money Museum have a gift shop?
Sorry, no gift shop, but the Money Museum provides visitors with really cool souvenirs for free.
Will I get a tour of the Money Museum and a tour of the Federal Reserve Bank?
You are welcome to visit the Money Museum for a self-guided tour. When you visit you’ll be greeted by museum staff who will orient you to the museum and answer any questions you may have. Then, you can explore the exhibits at your own pace. See our visit us page for information on Bank tours.
Are guided tours available?
Yes. Staff-led tours are available for school, community and business groups. See our visit us page for more information on scheduling a group tour.
How long do the guided group tours last?
Typically, Money Museum group visits last about 2 hours while Bank tours last about 1 hour.
Can I bring my community youth group (scouts, after school programs, etc.)?
Yes! We welcome community youth groups to schedule a visit.
How do I order the book Great Minds Think: A New Guide to Money? Is it free and can I order more than one copy?
Yes, Great Minds Think, available in English or Spanish, is free and may be ordered by visiting Education and Museum Outreach Resources. Please include your name, street mailing address (no post office boxes accepted), phone number, the quantity you would like and how you learned about the book.
How long does it usually take for my order to be filled?
Please allow for three weeks for delivery.
Do you exchange old worn out money at the Federal Reserve Bank?
No, for damaged or mutilated currency visit the Bureau of Engraving and Printing at moneyfactory.com.
Can I cash in my U.S. Savings Bonds at the Federal Reserve Bank?
No, visit treasurydirect.gov for information about how to cash in savings bonds.