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Escape from the Barter Islands!

The Cleveland Fed’s most popular online game for more than a decade has been updated and re-released, as a web-based game and a mobile app, in both English and Spanish!

Play it right here online, or download it from the iPhone App Store or Google Play.

Get Ready to Trade!

You’re Robbie. You’re a sailor. You’re shipwrecked! How will you get home??

  • To begin playing the game, click on either the English or Spanish language version.
  • Robbie has wrecked his ship and needs help getting home by locating a sail on one of the Barter Islands.
  • After collecting oranges on Orange Island, visit each of the Barter Islands to make trades for important items that will help Robbie in his quest for a sail.
  • On each of the Barter Islands, you will meet with the Chief who will provide instructions about how to make your trades successfully.
  • The faster you trade, the more points you will earn.

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