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Small Business Credit Survey


The small–business credit environment has changed in recent years and the Federal Reserve and other policy makers have an interest in understanding the impact of those changes on small businesses and their ability to obtain the credit they need to operate and grow. The Small Business Credit Survey (SBCS) helps to strengthen that understanding by asking the business owners themselves about their credit needs and experiences.

Now in its fourth year, the SBCS in 2017 will build on prior years’ efforts to broaden the reach of the survey and gather additional insight on emerging issues. More background on the survey and links to prior years’ results are available here.

  • Firm performance and challenges: changes in sales volume, number of employees, outlook for the business, and financial challenges facing the business.
  • Financing and credit: Sources of financing, credit products utilized, and experiences applying for and obtaining credit.
  • Demographic information: Firm zip code, industry, size, number of employees, etc.

Survey findings, which we will release in the second quarter of 2018, will help policy makers better understand the changing dynamics in the small-business credit environment, as well as assist business organizations in serving the small businesses in their communities. Please bookmark this page and come back in a few months to see the results.

For any questions about the Small Business Credit Survey, please contact Ann Marie Wiersch at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland at 216.579.2423 or

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