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Our Hiring Process

We value your interest in exploring a career with us.

We know that the hiring process can be difficult and, for the applicant, full of unknowns. Our goal is to make it as transparent as possible—from application through final steps.

Here are a few things you need to know about applying to work at the Cleveland Fed.

Connecting with Us

Our recruitment team works with you as you move through every step of the hiring process. We encourage you to apply for a specific position or connect with us on LinkedIn. Don’t see a job posting in your area of expertise? We keep resumes on file for certain in-demand job areas such as IT and supervision and regulation.

Connect with one of our recruiters on LinkedIn: Sheri Hohenstein, Jennifer Stumpf, Manila Haveri, and Sarah Sherman.

Applying for Open Positions

To apply, you’ll submit your materials—a current resume and any other supporting documentation requested, depending on the position—through the Bank’s application platform. Apply for as many different positions as you are qualified for (the Cleveland Fed has lots of opportunities). You can choose to upload a different resume for each position to which you apply.

Search Jobs

What to Expect Once You’ve Applied

Now that you’ve applied, what’s next? Once you’ve applied online for a specific position, you’ll receive an email acknowledging our receipt of your application. Our recruitment team will review your application materials, looking at your skills and experience to see how well they match with the position requirements. If you’re chosen for consideration, a recruiter will contact you to schedule an initial phone screen. After the phone screen, you may be selected for subsequent interviews.

After the interview process is complete, a recruiter may contact you with an employment offer. If you are not selected for hire, you will be notified, and your information will be maintained in the Cleveland Fed’s recruiting database should you wish to apply for another position in the future. Check our Search Jobs page for additional employment opportunities. You can also log in and check your application status at any time.


If you’ve been offered a position and have accepted it, the next step in the process is a thorough background check. Different positions have different requirements, but most require a verification of your education, previous employment, and social security number. In every instance, each new hire will undergo a drug screening and a fingerprint background check.

Once we receive satisfactory results from these various screenings, you can look forward to your first day on the job. It will begin with a half-day orientation, which is often followed by lunch with some or all members of your team.

We work hard to make the whole process as easy as possible, and we look forward to welcoming you to the Bank!