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Conversations on Economic Inclusion

  • Freeways and Access to Economic Opportunity

    Communities through which freeways were built often had little input into the planning of freeway construction, despite the evidence that freeways created social and economic disruption for these communities. Revisiting these decisions today, what lessons might we learn for city planning that fosters economic inclusion? Read More

  • Evictions and the Rental Market, Now and after the Pandemic

    As the CDC moratorium on evictions has ended, we look to researchers and practitioners to understand what has happened and what comes next for tenants, landlords, and the rental market. What are the risks that remain? Are current policies managing these risks effectively? What lessons can we carry forward to ensure rental housing needs are met? Read More

  • The Racial Wealth Gap and Access to Opportunity Neighborhoods

    Recent research from the Cleveland Fed finds that differences in neighborhoods remain between Black and white households with the same levels of both income and wealth. We discuss potential explanations and the implications for access to economic opportunity. Read More