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Program on Economic Inclusion

At the Cleveland Fed, we believe that for the economy to live up to its full potential, all people must be able to fully participate in it to the best of their abilities.

This is one reason why the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland is committed to racial equity and economic inclusion, and it’s what drives our Program on Economic Inclusion (PEI). We recognize that racism has limited and continues to limit economic and educational opportunities for many US workers and their families, both for past and current generations. The work of our economists, analysts, and outreach staff helps to ensure that the economy offers opportunities to all, with specific attention to the structural barriers that limit the full potential of communities of color.

The PEI advances our ongoing work on this critical issue, covering topics such as the racial wealth gap, jobs and workforce, housing and redlining, small businesses owned by people of color, and access to credit.

To read about our Bank’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and opportunity for our employees and the communities we serve, please visit our page on Racial Equity and Economic Inclusion.

Applications are now open for the Community Advisory Council

We are seeking experts and leaders who reflect the diversity of the Fourth District and represent issues that affect underserved and lower-income communities. Most commonly, these community leaders have a special interest in topics such as financial health, housing, small business, workforce and economic development, and community development investments.

CAC members help inform our Community Development staff, senior leadership, and Bank president about current and emerging economic and social issues and trends that impact lower-income individuals and communities in the Fourth District.

Interested in becoming a member? Apply by August 15th, 2021.

Featured Work

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