What to Do about Systemically Important Financial Institutions

A researcher at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland is proposing a three-tiered system for regulating systemically important financial institutions. Tier one would include high-risk institutions, such as large, interstate banks and multi-state insurance companies. Tier two would include moderately complex financial institutions, such as larger regional banks. And tier three would include non-complex financial institutions, such as community banks. Each would receive varying degrees of oversight and regulation.

What to Do about Systemically Important Financial Institutions

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One of the most important issues in the regulatory reform debate is that of systemically important financial institutions. This paper proposes a framework for identifying and supervising such institutions; the framework is designed to remove the advantages they derive from becoming systemically important and to give them more time-consistent incentives. It defines criteria for classifying firms as systemically important: size (the classic doctrine of too big to let fail) and the four C’s of systemic importance (contagion, concentration, correlation, and conditions); it also discusses the concept of progressive systemic mitigation.Read the Full Research Report or download the print-ready document.

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The term “systemically important financial institution” is all over the news these days. It refers to financial institutions that are so big, or interconnected, or unique that they pose a risk of taking down the entire financial system should they fail. Read more

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  • Leveling the playing field and minimizing the advantages of systemically important financial institutions
  • James B. Thomson
  • James B. Thomson, Vice President and Financial Economist
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Three-Tiered Proposal on the Drawing Board

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