Research Topics

Banking and Financial Markets

  • Outside Lending in the NYC Call Loan Market ()
  • Financial Innovations and Issuer Sophistication in Municipal Securities Markets ()
  • Consumer Debt Dynamics: Follow the Increasers ()
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Economic Modeling

  • Covariates and Causal Effects: The Problem of Context ()
  • Privately Optimal Contracts and Suboptimal Outcomes in a Model of Agency Costs ()
  • Real-Time Nowcasting with a Bayesian Mixed Frequency Model with Stochastic Volatility ()
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Economy in Perspective


  • Affirmative Action Bans and College Graduation Rates ()
  • What Kind of Teachers Are Schools Looking For? Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment ()
  • An Empirical Analysis of Racial Segregation in Higher Education ()
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Financial Stability


  • The Impact of Recovery Efforts on Residential Vacancies ()
  • The Impact of Vacant, Tax-Delinquent, and Foreclosed Property on Sales Prices of Neighboring Homes ()
  • Inter-Regional Home Price Dynamics through the Foreclosure Crisis ()
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Growth and Production

Household finance

Households and Consumers

Industrial Organization

Inflation and Prices

International Markets and Foreign Exchange

Labor Markets, Unemployment, and Wages

Monetary Policy

  • Federal Reserve Policy and Bretton Woods ()
  • Independent within—not of—Government: The Emergence of the Federal Reserve as a Modern Central Bank ()
  • Even Keel and the Great Inflation ()
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Payment Systems

Regional Economics

US Economy