Research Topics

Banking and Financial Markets

  • Outside Lending in the NYC Call Loan Market ()
  • Financial Innovations and Issuer Sophistication in Municipal Securities Markets ()
  • Consumer Debt Dynamics: Follow the Increasers ()
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Economic Modeling

  • Covariates and Causal Effects: The Problem of Context ()
  • Privately Optimal Contracts and Suboptimal Outcomes in a Model of Agency Costs ()
  • Real-Time Nowcasting with a Bayesian Mixed Frequency Model with Stochastic Volatility ()
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Economy in Perspective


  • Affirmative Action Bans and College Graduation Rates ()
  • What Kind of Teachers Are Schools Looking For? Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment ()
  • An Empirical Analysis of Racial Segregation in Higher Education ()
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Financial Stability


  • The Impact of Recovery Efforts on Residential Vacancies ()
  • The Impact of Vacant, Tax-Delinquent, and Foreclosed Property on Sales Prices of Neighboring Homes ()
  • Inter-Regional Home Price Dynamics through the Foreclosure Crisis ()
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Growth and Production

Household finance

Households and Consumers

Industrial Organization

Inflation and Prices

International Markets and Foreign Exchange

Labor Markets, Unemployment, and Wages

Monetary Policy

Payment Systems

Regional Economics

US Economy

  • Fiscal Multipliers under an Interest Rate Peg of Deterministic vs. Stochastic Duration ()
  • Estimating Contract Indexation in a Financial Accelerator Model ()
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