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(Former) Economic Analyst

Ian Hathaway is a former senior policy analyst in the Research Department at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland.

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May 2008 Ian Hathaway; Ozgur Emre Ergungor; Economic Commentary
Abstract: The market for student loans may differ in some respects from other financial markets, but private lenders are the primary source of funds. As in other markets, the incentive to lend those funds comes from the ability to make a profit. But recent turmoil in financial markets is affecting all of the factors that contribute to the profitability of student loans, leading to speculation that the availability of such loans will fall.



April, 2008 Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Working Paper no. 0803 Ian Hathaway; Sameer Khatiwada; Working Papers
Abstract: In this paper we provide a comprehensive critical analysis of research that has investigated the impact of financial education programs on consumer financial behavior. In light of the evidence, we recommend that future programs be highly targeted toward a specific audience and area of financial activity (e.g. homeownership or credit card counseling, etc.), and that this training occurs just before the corresponding financial event (e.g. purchase of a home or use of a credit card, etc.). Similarly, in light of a lack of evidence, we also recommend that program evaluation be taken as an essential element of any program, and that it be included in the design of the programs before they are introduced.