Economic Research and Data

Economic Modeling ~ Macroeconomic Measurement

Paul Gomme and Peter Rupert

Link to the paper "Theory, Measurement, and Calibration of Macroeconomic Models"

Data Download Section

1. Data type


Retrieve Consumption Price Deflator

2. Vintage


3. Frequency

quarterly  yearly

4. Time frame

Start date  
End date    

5. Method type

Current Cost deflated by consumption deflator (nondurables and services)

Capital Stock data, constructed from annual capital stock data and quarterly investment data (Chain-type index converted to real 2000 dollars)

Capital Stock, Cumulated from 1947 using investment data and computed depreciation rates

6. Capital Stock

Aggregated Capital Stock (market+home)

Disaggregated Market Capital
Aggregated Market Capital
No Market Capital

Table of moments  Note: Checking the table of moments option will slow the down the processing (available for quarterly data)

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Download the complete set as an Excel file:

Note: The depreciation rates in the guide.xls above are computed using an Excel add-in, quartic solver. Click here to download the quartic solver.

Instructions for installing quartic solver:
  1. Download the file,, unzip it into the directory of your choice.
  2. After the unzip, you will see two files: polynomials.xla and polynomials.hlp
  3. Open Excel and add the polynomials.xla file as an Add-In (Tools > Add-Ins…)
  4. You should be able to see four new functions in the User Defined category. They are Quadratic, Cubic, Quartic, and Biquadratic.
  5. If you need help for any of these functions, you can use the function wizard in same way as you would use for any other Excel function.