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Current Policy under the Lens of Economic History

A Conference to Commemorate the Federal Reserve System’s Centennial


Keynote Address: Federal Reserve Policy Today in Historical Perspective

Marvin Goodfriend, Carnegie Mellon University

The Lender of Last Resort: Lessons from the Fed’s First 100 Years

David Wheelock, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
Mark Carlson, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

Interbank Deposits and System Contagion during the Great Depression

Kris Mitchener, Santa Clara University
Gary Richardson, University of California-Irvine

How and Why the Fed Must Change in Its Second Century

Allan Meltzer, Carnegie Mellon University

Monetary Regimes and Policy on a Global Scale:  The Oeuvre of Michael D. Bordo

Hugh Rockoff, Rutgers University
Eugene White, Rutgers University

Reflections on the History and Future of Central Banking

Michael Bordo, Rutgers University and Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

Politics on the Road to U.S. Monetary Union

Peter Rousseau, Vanderbilt University

A Tale of Two Countries and Two Booms, Canada and the United States in the 1920s and the 2000s:  The Role of Monetary and Financial Stability Policies

Lawrence Schembri, Bank of Canada
Ehsan Choudhri, Carleton University

It Is History But It’s No Accident: Differences in Residential Mortgage Markets in Canada and the U.S.

Angela Redish, University of British Columbia

The Uses and Misuses of Economic History

Barry Eichengreen, University of California-Berkeley

Would Large-Scale Asset Purchases Have Helped in the 1930? An Investigation of the Responsiveness of Bond Yields from the 1930s to Changes in Debt Levels

John Landon-Lane, Rutgers University

The Limits of Bimetalism

Christopher Meissner, University of California-Davis

The Reluctant Central Bankers: Clearing House Loan Certificates in the National Banking Era

Jon Moen, University of Mississippi
Ellis Tallman, Oberlin College and the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

Central Bank Independence: Can It Survive a Crisis?

Forrest Capie, City University London
Geoffrey Wood, City University London 

U.S. Precedents for Europe

Harold James, Princeton University