Conference on Resolving Insolvent Large and Complex Financial Institutions

April 14–15, 2011

This conference addressed issues related to the resolution of large and complex financial institutions that are insolvent. The conference brought together academics, policymakers, and market participants to discuss the law and practice that are associated with resolving insolvent financial firms, along with recent reforms and potential reforms.

Papers Presented


Resolving Troubled Systemically Important Cross-Border Financial Institutions: Is a New Corporate Organizational Form Required?

Christine Cumming and Robert Eisenbeis

Presenter: Robert Eisenbeis, Cumberland Associates

Paper | Presentation

The Challenges of Resolving a Large Complex Financial Institution: Domestic and Cross-Border

Richard Herring

Presenter: Richard Herring, University of Pennsylvania

Paper | Presentation


Systemic Risk and Optimal Regulatory Architecture

Marco Espinosa-Vega, Charles Kahn, Rafael Almeida da Matta, and Juan Solé

Presenter: Rafael Almeida da Matta, University of Illinois

Paper | Presentation


Resolving Large Complex Financial Institutions: The Case for Reorganization

Robert R. Bliss and George G. Kaufman

Presenter: Robert R. Bliss, Wake Forest University

Paper | Presentation


The Economic Perspective of Bank Bankruptcy Law

Matej Marinc and Razan Vlahu

Presenter: Matej Marinc, University of Ljubljana, ACLE

Paper | Presentation


Credible Living Wills: The First Generation

Del Anderson, John L. Douglas, Randall D. Guynn, Chris Mazingo, Annette L. Nazareth, Reena Agrawal Sahni, Margaret E. Tahyar, Hamid Samandari, Greg Wilson

Presenters: Chris Mazingo and Hamid Samandari, McKinsey & Company, and Reena Agrawal Sahni and Margaret E. Tahyar, Davis Polk & Wardwell, LLP

Paper | (No presentation will be posted.)


Panel Discussion: Too Big to Fail after DFA

Matthew Richardson, New York University Paper (Resolution Authority) | Paper (A Proposal...) | Presentation
Chris Sagers, Cleveland State University (No paper or presentation will be posted.)
Arthur E. Wilmarth, Jr., George Washington University Paper | (No presentation will be posted.)


A Theory of Bank Resolution: Technological Change and Political Economics

Robert DeYoung, Michal Kowalik, and Jack Reidhill

Presenter: Robert DeYoung, University of Kansas

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Recapitalization, Credit, and Liquidity

Mike Mariathasan and Ouarda Merrouche

Presenter: Mike Mariathasan, European University Institute

Paper and Presentation will not be posted.


A Lack of Resolution

David Zaring

Presenter: David Zaring, University of Pennsylvania

Paper | Presentation


The Chrysler Effect: The Impact of the Chrysler Bailout on Borrowing Costs

Deniz Anginer and A. Joseph Warburton

Presenter: A. Joseph Warburton, Syracuse University

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