Northeast Ohio Economics Workshop



November 14, 2009




Registration and Continental Breakfast



Session 1: Applied Micro



Session Chair

Myong-Hun Chang (Cleveland State University)

“Endogenous Asymmentry in a Dynamic Procurement Auction”

Viplav Saini (Oberlin College)

“Social Network and Weight Misperception among Adolescents”

Mir M. Ali (University of Toledo), Aliaksandr Amialchuk (University of Toledo), and Francesco Renna (University of Akron)



Session 2: Public Economics


Session Chair

Sebastien Buttet (Cleveland State University)

“The Effect of Location-Based Tax Incentives on Establishment Location and Employment: Is there a Differential Impact across Industry Sectors?”

Andrew Hanson (Georgia State University) and Shawn Rohlin (University of Akron)

“Discouraged Workers and Taxes: An Empirical Analysis of the U.S.”

Amyaz Moledina (College of Wooster) and Russell Ormiston (College of Wooster)






Session 3: Economics of Crime


Session Chair

Myong-Hun Chang (Cleveland State University)

“The Effect of Plant Closure on Crime”

Mari Rege (Stavenger University, Torbjørn Skardhamar (Statistics Norway), Kjetil Telle (Statistics Norway), and Mark Votruba (Case Western Reserve University)

“The Effect of High-Concentration Public Housing on Crime, Construction, and Home Prices: Evidence from Demolitions in Chicago”

Daniel A. Hartley (Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland)



Session 4: Productivity


Session Chair

Sebastien Buttet (Cleveland State University)

“Forecasting IP: Gains from Disaggreagating”

Dandan Liu (Kent State University)

“Cross-border Activities, Human Capital, and Efficiency: A Stochastic Frontier Analysis for OECD Countries”

Sucharita Ghosh (University of Akron) and Camilla Mastromarco (University of Salento)






Session 5: Education Economics


Session Chair

Vasilios D. Kosteas (Cleveland State University)

“Athletic Spending, Uncertainty, and Fan Interest: Evidence from College Football”

Matthew D. Henry (Cleveland State University)

“The Changing Nature of Community College Enrollment”

Michael Lovenheim (Cornell University) and Lockwood Reynolds (Kent State University)



Session 6: Applied Micro II



Session Chair

Murat Tasci (Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank)

“Electoral Turnover and Accountability of Elected Officials”

Yogesh Uppal (Youngstown State University) and Amihai Glazer (UC Irvine)

“Context Effects in a Negative Externality Experiment”

Kent D. Messer (University of Delaware), Jubo Yan (University of Delaware), and Jordan F. Suter (Oberlin College)